Tyler Perry Replaces Morgan Freeman As Alex Cross

Tyler Perry Alex Cross Casting

Just when you thought Tyler Perry’s screen talents were limited to penning tragic tales of “The Black Experience” and packin’ heat as pistol-totin’ granny Madea, the actor/director/philanthropist goes and gets himself cast as the new Alex Cross!

Morgan Freeman Dead? Morgan Freeman Death Hoax Rocks Twitter

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It started with one random Tweet, now Twitter user @OriginalCJizzle has issued a public apology after he sent Tweeters into a tizzy with a comment that prompted thousands of members of the microblogging hub to believe that actor Oscar-winning actor Morgan Freeman was dead.

Morgan Freeman Hand Paralyzed In 2008 Crash

Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman still hasn’t regained use of his left hand after a August 2008 car crash in Mississippi left the Oscar-winner with nerve damage. Although he had surgery to reconnect nerves in his left arm and hand soon after the accident, Freeman says he hasn’t been able to move the end of the forelimb in…

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Morgan Freeman Having A Baby With Granddaughter?

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While technically it isn’t incest, it’s still all sorts of icky! In 2008, the Interwebs went wild with whispers that decorated screen star Morgan Freeman, now 73, has been getting it on with his wife’s 27-year-old granddaughter since the young woman was in her teens. The Oscar winner never denied the claims, and his wife…

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15 Greatest Proponents of Marijuana Legalization


Some celebrities are more forthcoming with their love of weed than others — ahem, Willie Nelson — but you might be surprised at a few that fight for the drug’s legalization.

Morgan Freeman As Nelson Mandela “Invictus” Trailer

Hey guys, have you seen the trailer for Clint Eastwood’s highly-anticipated new Nelson Mandela biopic? Invictus features Oscar-winning actor Morgan Freeman as the newly elected President Mandela who takes office following the fall of apartheid system. In a bid to unite the fractured nation through sport, Mandela joins forces with Francois Pienaar (Matt Damon, captainof…

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Morgan Freeman Granddaughter E’Dena Hines Sexual Affair


The National Enquirer is reporting that 72-year-old Oscar-winning actor Morgan Freeman had a long-running sexual affair with his estranged wife’s 27-year-old granddaughter that began when the young woman was still in her teens. This is just all kinds of sick…

Demaris Meyer Morgan Freeman Lawsuit

People Morgan Freeman

Demaris Meyer, the alleged mistress of actor Morgan Freeman, appeared at a news conference in Los Angeles on Wednesday to discuss a lawsuit against the Oscar-winning star stemming from an accident in which she was seriously injured when Freeman lost control of his car on a dark Mississippi road last August.

Morgan Freeman Car Accident Statement: “He’ll Be Okay,” Says Rep


Good news. Morgan Freeman’s going to be just fine after surviving a car crash in rural Mississippi Sunday night. The soft-spoken Oscar-winner was hospitalized and listed in serious condition after his 1997 Nissan Maxima went off the shoulder of the road and tumbled down an embankment around 11:30 p.m last night. A rep for Freeman…

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