Disney Feud Alert: Miley Cyrus Sends Giant “FU” to Selena Gomez

When Miley roars, she wants the world to hear it. Ah — which probably explains why she aggressively tossed a cardboard cut-out of Selena Gomez’s hand into a crowd while singing her hater anthem. “FU”. Miley crooned the royal diss in front of thousands of fans who turned out to her “Bangerz” show in Milan…

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Skidmore College Introduces Course on Miley Cyrus

If you enjoy thought-provoking discussions about sociological issues, like race and gender, but you’ve also been known to gyrate your barely-clad hips up against foreign objects, Skidmore College has just the course for you.

Miley Cyrus Fan Arrested After Sneaking Into Singer’s Dressing Room

) Meet Tucker Salvesen. You might call him a Miley Cyrus superfan. A very crafty superfan indeed. Tucker managed to get backstage and into Miley’s dressing room when the pop star’s blushworthy Bangerz show made a stop in Omaha, Nebraska last week. Where’s security when you need ‘em?