Janeane Garofalo Pretty Much Calls Marcus Bachmann Gay

It’s been noticed by anyone with eyes that Michele Bachmann’s husband Marcus, who’s been in the news recently for his alleged “pray away the gay” clinic, doesn’t exactly emit super-strong heterosexual vibes himself. Jon Stewart hinted at it in hilarious fashion a few days ago: And really, anyone who’s heard or seen the guy can…

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Rick Santorum and Michele Bachmann Pledge to Ban Porn


GOP man-without-a-prayer Rick Santorum has officially joined creepily non-blinking fellow candidate Michele Bachmann in signing a bizarre pledge put together by a right-wing group called THE FAMiLY LEADER. (They do their name in all caps except the “I” because capitalizing it would mean you’re more important than God, you guys.) Called “The Marriage Vow,” it…

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No One Wants Michele Bachman to Use Their Music

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If this keeps up, she’ll be walking out to stony silence. After Tom Petty served GOP presidential candidate (and Tea Party darling) Michele Bachmann with a cease and desist order, demanding she quit using his song “American Girl” during campaign stops, Katrina & The Waves had a little something to say as well.