Phelps takes Silver in 200M Fly; Ties Olympic Medal Record

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Michael Phelps may not have started the London Olympics with the Gold that he wanted but that isn’t stopping him from setting some new records. Today at the Aquatic Center, Phelps took the silver in the 200m fly, earning his 18th medal overall. 14 gold, two silvers and two bronze, joining Soviet gymnast Larisa Latynina…

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Michael Phelps Targeted In Carrie Prejean Paternity Scheme

Michael Phelps Carrie Prejean Baby Scheme

The Apple don’t fall too far from the Psycho….Olympic golden-boy-turned-baddie Michael Phelps narrowly escaped a sinister plot to have him to father a cash cow love child with “Biblically-Correct” former pageant queen Carrie Prejean.

New Michael Phelps Subway Commercial (“Be Yourself”)

Fourteen Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps has reclaimed his spot as an endorsement juggernaut with the premiere of a new TV spot for sandwich chain Subway. The campaign, entitled “Be Yourself,” is Michael’s first appearance for the company since he was photographed hitting a bong during a frat party at the University of South Carolina…

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Michael Phelps Miss California Carrie Prejean Dating

Just when you thought we’d given you the last scoop of poop in the saga of Beauty vs. Blogger, Miss California’s life went and got a bit more interesting. is reporting that Miss California Carrie Prejean –the conservative Christian who condemned gay marriage at Sunday’s Miss USA pageant– has been “casually dating” confessed reefer…

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Debbie Phelps “TODAY” Video (04/08/09)

Visit for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy On The TODAY Show Wednesday, Matt Lauer spoke with Debbie Phelps, mom of Olympic gold medal-winning swimmer Michael Phelps, about being the single mother of three and her new book, A Mother for All Seasons. Mrs. Phelps was candid when asked about her…

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Debbie Phelps Book “A Mother For All Seasons”


In her new tell-all book, A Mother for All Seasons, Debbie Phelps chronicles the highs and lows of her son’s career, describing the Olympic swimmer’s brush with the law following a DUI and his recent bong hit heard around the world with phrases like “one golden boy turned loser” and his “disappointing, uncharacteristic behavior.”

Michael Phelps Marijuana Scandal Tell-All Interview

Michael Phelps is being courted for a nationwork TV tell-all interview about his marijuana scandal. “Everybody wants him on to explain why he was smoking marijuana,” a source told the NY Post on Friday. “Oprah Winfrey, ABC, CBS, NBC – everyone wants him.” “No money is being talked about.”

Michael Phelps Subway Endorsement Deal In Danger


Subway is preparing to drop Michael Phelp from his recently announced sponsorship deal. We hear the cold cuts chain is great strides to separate themselves from the champion Olympic swimmer in the wake of last weekend’s marijuana scandal.

Michael Phelps USA Swimming Suspension


Michael Phelps has been suspended by USA Swimming for three months over that picture of him smoking pot from a bong. “This is not a situation where any anti-doping rule was violated, but we decided to send a strong message to Michael because he disappointed so may people, particularly the hundreds of thousands of USA…

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Michael Phelps “Entourage” Cameo Appearance

Eight-medal Beijing Olympic swimming champ Michael Phelps landed a cameo role on the hit HBO series Entourage after he accidentally stumbled onto the show’s set in Midtown Manhattan. Producer Doug Ellin immediately wrote the champion athlete into the upcoming episode, which will also the show’s star Kevin Connolly.