Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones Divorce?

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Rumors has it that 13 year union between Oscar winners Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones is on life support. Britain’s The Mirror first spilled the scoop on trouble in paradise earlier this month, now People magazine has gotten its hands on celebrity snitches who say the throat cancer survivor and his Welsh-born bride are “on…

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Michael Douglas clarifies ‘oral sex’ remarks


Oscar-winner, Michael Douglas, is walking back some of his comments from an interview with The Guardian over the weekend. “Michael Douglas did not say cunnilingus was the cause of his cancer,” his rep says in a statement. “It was discussed that oral sex is a suspected cause of certain oral cancers as doctors in the…

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A TMI Moment with Michael Douglas: Oral Sex Caused My Throat Cancer

Michael Douglas has an interesting theory about the origin of his near fatal battle with throat cancer. Douglas — who plays Liberace in the HBO Original Movie Behind the Candelabra — diagnosed with stage four cancer three years ago. Despite a well-documented battle with drugs and alcohol that sent him to rehab in 1992, the…

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Matt Damon opens up about love scenes with Michael Douglas


Two of Hollywood’s leading men are opening up about their roles in the upcoming HBO film, Behind the Candelabra. The film, which details the life of Liberace and his lover, Scott Thorson, features some very intimate sex scenes between the pair. Damon and Douglas appear on the cover of Entertainment Weekly this week and opened…

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