Mandy Moore Stripper Pole VH1 ‘What Perez Sez; Calls Spears And Lohan ‘Fuck-Ups’


Squeaky-clean singer/actress Mandy Moore grinded, gyrated and licked a silver pole during an interview on ‘What Perez Sez,’ with celebrity snitch Perez Hilton. Mandy’s interview, which will air Wednesday night on VH1, is peppered with profanity and descriptive disses targeted toward rivals at Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan. The twenty-three year-old star told P.H she’d…

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Mandy Moore-‘Umbrella’ Cover


Rihanna had a mega summer hit on her hands with ‘Umbrella,’ and now Mandy Moore has connected with her inner songstress for a cover of the smash.

Mandy Moore Forgets Her Lyrics

Mandy Moore was forced to use her Blackberry as an cue card when she forgot the words to one of her ‘Wild Hope’ hits during a Thursday night performance in New York.