Liv Tyler’s Mom Trashes Dina Lohan’s Lousy Parenting


Dina Lohan, mother of trainwreck Lindsay and Crypt Keeper-faced Ali, is so busy partying with her kids and being a famewhoring leech and desperately trying to be 25 again that she forgot parenthood is more than just getting laid and donating a little DNA to the cause. Those are not only my own feelings, but…

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Katie Holmes Replaces Liv Tyler In “The Romantics”

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Katie Holmes has been tapped to replace actress Liv Tyler in the independently financed comedy The Romantics. The film, to be directed by Galt Niederhoffer, also stars Anna Paquin, Josh Duhamel, Malin Akerman, Elijah Wood, Adam Brody and Jeremy Strong, Variety has learned. The Romantics revolves around eight friends from college who reunite for a…

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Ed Norton Dating Liv Tyler Rumors

Ed Norton and Liv Tyler, dating? Are Incredible Hulk co-stars Ed Norton and Liv Tyler dating? Tabloid spies claim the pair has grown closer after the actress turned to Ed to help her through her split from husband Royston Langdon in May. “Before long, they both started developing real feelings for each other,” a Star…

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