Did Beyonce’s Dad Steal Her Money?

Mathew and Beyonce Knowles

Holiday dinners at the Knowles household just got super awkward. TMZ is reporting the reason superstar Beyonce severed her longtime professional relationship with her father (and former manager) Mathew is because he was pilfering her bank accounts. He denies those allegations and has filed court papers to get to the bottom of them. The story…

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Bruce Willis sues childhood friend

Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis is suing a childhood friend, claiming that he tried to extort money from him by threatening to release private family photos and other personal infromation. Bruce DiMattia was a friend of was Willis since childhood. The lawsuit claims DiMiatta was “overcome by greed” and “jealous of his former friend’s success.” He allegedly asked…

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Reese Witherspoon Fires Off Lawsuit Against Star Magazine

Published on the web, documents filed by attorneys for actress Reese Witherspoon in Los Angeles superior court, claim the magazine “Star” published a false story that she was pregnant “in a callous effort to boost the tabloid’s sagging sales.” According to TMZ.com. “Contrary to the fabricated Cover Story,” the lawsuit says, “the true facts are…

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