Sharon Osbourne Unleashes Mama Bear Hell on Lady Gaga

Osbourne Gaga Feud

Sharon Osbourne has branded Lady Gaga a “hypocrite” after the “Paparazzi” singer wrote an open letter criticizing her daughter Kelly’s work on the popular E! series Fashion Police. A mother-daughter letter-writing battle has erupted between Gaga and her mom Cynthia and the Ladies Osbourne, with both faction accusing the other of bullying.

Lady GaGa pens open letter to Kelly Osbourne


Lady GaGa isn’t just about meat dresses and being born on stage, she has made her Monsters Tour a mission to value youth who feel bullied and forgotten about. Now, GaGa is going after another famous face, calling for unity and support. Lady GaGa and her mother, Cynthia, who founded the Born This Way Foundation,…

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Lady Gaga Documentary in Production

Lady Gaga has commissioned fashion photographer Terry Richardson to direct a documentary film about her life and the making of her upcoming album.

Billboard says don’t miss these 5 Concerts in 2013!


As we keep into holiday mode…it will be New Year’s Eve before we know it….and then onto 2013! Billboard is making sure we all stay on our game, publishing their list of the top 5 concerts you don’t want to miss next year. In no specific order….

Is Lady GaGa calling Adele fat?


After a series of concerts in Europe, including Amsterdam, the world wide web exploded with claims that Lady GaGa had gained “30 pounds.” GaGa, who ignored the comments for the most part, is now speaking out about her said extra pounds, asking why she’s being singled-out? “I’ve realized I don’t have to do very much…

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