Too Hot for YouTube: Professional Hurler Vomits on Lady Gaga

YouTube is home to some of the most disturbing video imagery on the Net — “Scarlett Takes a Tumble,” “The Breakfast Song” and Rebecca Black’s horridly hilarious tune “Friday all spring to mind. But footage of Lady Gaga on the receiving end of a “Roman Shower” proved too much even for the video sharing hub.…

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Lady Gaga Announces ARTPOP Ball Tour Dates

Lady Gaga Tour

WikimediaCommons A soft premiere for her ARTPOP album and an ill-received holiday special with the Muppets won’t stop Mother Monster from taking her show on the road. That’s right, Lady Gaga is having a ball and you’re cordially invited to attend.

Lady Gaga Comforts a Heckled One Direction

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It was a big night in Brooklyn as Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards went down at the spankin’ new Barclays Center. One Direction took home the trophy for “Best Song of the Summer” for their track “Best Song Ever” — and were promptly booed for it. Next to Miley Cyrus’ scantily-clad catbag, it was the…

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