“Spiderman 4″ Scrapped; Franchise Loses Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst

Universal Studios Spiderman is getting a facelift — and that isn’t exactly a good thing. After a rumored script dispute pushed the blockbuster off the May 2011 calender, the movie franchise’s long-awaited fourth installment has unraveled all together. Spiderman 4 was cut from Columbia’s production schedule on Monday, E! Online reports. While later Spidey installments…

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15 Greatest Proponents of Marijuana Legalization


Some celebrities are more forthcoming with their love of weed than others — ahem, Willie Nelson — but you might be surprised at a few that fight for the drug’s legalization.

Jake Gyllenhaal Kirsten Dunst Are No Longer Friends

Jake Gyllenhaal Kirsten Dunst No Longer Friends

In a revealing interview with the December issue of Allure, actress Kirsten Dunst, 27, reveals that she is no longer friends with former flame Jake Gyllenhaal. The couple lived together and even shared a dog for four years before calling time on their red-hot romance in 2004. “It would be nice to see him,” Kirsten…

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