“Who Is Paul McCartney” Twitter Posts Were Intended As A Joke


On Friday Kanye West released his new song “Only One” co-produced and featuring Paul McCartney. Kanye fans took to twitter claiming how much they loved the song. What everyone is still talking about today are the tweets by some individuals who hilariously ask “Who is Paul McCartney?” “He boutta blow up thanks to Kanye.” At…

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The Kardashians Break their silence on Kim’s daughter


Over 48-hours of silence from the Kardashian’s could be a record. We know that Kim and boyfriend Kayne West welcomed their first child together on Friday. Kim delivered the baby girl 5 weeks early in Los Angeles. Sister Khloe tweeted some good news today, “I can not even begin 2describe the miracle that is now…

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Kanye West Dead? Kanye West Car Accident Death Hoax

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Don’t worry, Yeezy hasn’t bitten the big one. An internet rumor claiming controversial rapper Kanye West died in a Los Angeles car crash overnight is gaining momentum in the search engines this morning. For the record, hip-hop’s biggest ego is still with us. The bogus story created a firestorm of postings on social networking websites,…

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