Someone Forgot to Tell Kathie Lee Gifford That Martin Short is a Widower

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The Today Show’s Kathie Lee Gifford was left red-faced Wednesday morning after she gleefully quizzed actor Martin Short on his lengthy marriage to Nancy Dolman (pictured below). There’s just one problem…The late Mrs. Short lost her battle against ovarian cancer in 2010. Oops!

“TODAY” Anchors Hoda Kotb Kathie Lee Gifford Without Makeup

Hoda Kathie Lee No Makeup

The gals of NBC’s The TODAY Show are going au naturel — and giving the writing team at Saturday Night Live a springboard for their next Hoda/Kathie Lee-inspired sketch! Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Kathie Lee Doesn’t Know What “Hump Day” Means (VIDEO)

You know your life has hit a new low when Tori Spelling has to use “little words” to explain something to you. We’re sure a parody of this blunder will make its way to SNL next season. How has Kathie Lee Gifford managed to spend several decades on this Planet without ever hearing the phrase…

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