Michael Lohan’s Phone Is Apparently Stalking Kate Major

kate major

Yesterday I told you about LiLo’s dad getting almost as familiar with law enforcement as she is, and that the whole thing has caused his girlfriend Kate Major to get the heave-ho from her ritzy condo. Now, even though Michael’s locked up, his phone seems to have a mind of its own and keeps calling…

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Michael Lohan Hawking Nude Photos Of Kate Major

Accused lady beater Michael Lohan is hawking nude photos he snapped of ex-fiancee Kate Major as she slept to the highest bidder. Oh Michael, why do you continue to give Joe Jackson a run for his crown as World’s Worst Dad?

Michael Lohan Kate Major, Jon Gosselin’s Ex, Engaged

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Lindsay Lohan’s father is going to be walking down the aisle with a woman almost a quarter century his junior and only a few years older than the famous daughter he’s desperately trying to “save:” the former flame of his ex-best friend reality dad Jon Gosselin. Michael Lohan, 50, and ousted Star Magazine reporter Kate…

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