Kate Gosselin Returns To Co-Host “The View” July 2

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Don’t ask me what we’ve done to deserve this, but mark your calendars, Kate Gosselin’s headed back to The View next month. This might be a good day for sleeping in or tuning into The Price Is Right instead. Just saying.

“Kate Plus 8″ Sneak Peek [VIDEO]

Kate Gosselin and her brood are back in two specials premiering this Sunday on TLC. Kate Plus 8 airs Sunday, June 6 @ 9 PM, followed by Inside Kate’s World at 10 PM.

Kate Gosselin Made Half A Million Dollars “Dancing”

Although Kate Gosselin did not make it past week five on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars, she reportedly earned half a million dollars — or $100,000 per week — for her time on the show. That should go a long way to feeding those eight little mouths in her household. The hit dance show will…

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New Kate Gosselin Book “I Just Want You To Know” A Bomb

People (and by “people” I mean me!) are already sick of watching her on TV, and it now seems no one wants to waste their valuable time reading what Kate Gosselin has to say either. The reality Octomom’s latest book, I Just Want You to Know: Letters to My Kids on Love, Faith, and Family,…

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Tearful Kate Gosselin Voted Off “Dancing With The Stars”

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Reality TV Octomom Kate Gosselin was finally voted off Dancing With the Stars on Tuesday after five weeks of rhythmless robotics that made the tabloid darling one of the most critically-panned hoofers to appear on the show since Master P. Gosselin scored just 15 out of a possible 30 points for a stiff foxtrot this…

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Kate Gosselin Begging Friends For Votes On “Dancing With The Stars”

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After a disastrous foxtrot that will likely be the final nail in a coffin filled with chuckle-worthy and robotic performances on the 10th season of ABC’s Dancing With The Stars, Monster Mom Kate Gosselin has embarked on a grassroots email campaign to keep her in the ballroom.

Kate Gosselin “Entertainment Tonight” Co-Host April 14

Reality Octomom Kate Gosselin will join “Maven of Celebrity Dish” Mary Hart as a co-host on TV’s long-running syndicated newsmagazine Entertainment Tonight this Wednesday, April 14. Have we learned nothing from her lifeless guest appearances on The View?

Kate Gosselin “The TODAY Show” Interview VIDEO [04/13/10]

After a not-so awful tango earned her a mini-breakthrough with judges on Monday’s Dancing with the Stars, Kate Gosselin is hitting the promo track in anticipation of the release of her new book, I Just Want You To Know, an eight chapter memoir of personal letters penned to each of the star’s eight children. In…

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Kate Gosselin Moving To Hollywood

Kate Gosselin Hollywood Move

Watch out Hollywood, Hurricane Kate may be headed your way. Now that her headline-grabbing divorce and custody battle with ex-husband Jon have made Kate Gosselin a tabloid star, television’s original Octomom is itching to ditch her mundane life in suburban Pennsylvania for a new beginning in sunny California, celebrity tipsters dish.

Maksim Chmerkovskiy On Kate Gosselin: “She Doesn’t Get It”

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Maksim Chmerkovskiy says Kate Gosselin just “doesn’t get” Dancing with the Stars. In a posting on his TV Guide blog on Monday, the outspoken dancer said the reality Octomom who is currently paired with Maks’ good friend Tony Dovolani, doesn’t understand the purpose of the ABC talent competition. “I’ve spoken to Kate, and I don’t…

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Hugh Hefner Disses Kate Gosselin

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Sheesh — Kate Gosselin’s really taking a beating in the court of public opinion this week! First the reality Octomom’s paso doble was deemed a dud on Monday’s Dancing with the Stars, then her sleazy ex slapped her with a custody suit, and to top it all off now Kate’s being told that her lady…

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Bruno Tonioli Brands Kate Gosselin “Crap” On “Lopez Tonight”

Kate Gosselin Paso Doble Crap

After watching Kate Gosselin’s rhythmless paso doble to the sounds of Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” on Monday night’s Dancing with the Stars, many DWTS fans were left scratching their heads and looking for the precise word to describe Kate’s effed-up brand of bad two-steppin’. After all, “dreadful” just doesn’t seem to capture the true essence of…

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Kate Gosselin New Show “Twist Of Kate” Premiering This Summer

Twist Of Kate Reality Show

This just in: TLC has ordered 12 episodes of Twist of Kate, a new reality spinoff featuring former Jon & Kate Plus 8 star Kate Gosselin and her child army brigade! The family has also been tapped to appear in several Kate Plus 8 specials hitting the network this year, a TLC rep has confirmed.

Gosselin Custody Battle — Jon Suing Kate For Kids

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Here comes the drama: On Wednesday, former reality star Jon Gosselin officially filed legal papers asking a Pennsylvania judge to grant him primary custody of his eight children with ex-wife (and accused “absentee mother”) Kate Gosselin, TMZ.com said this afternoon.

Jimmy Fallon Spoofs Kate Gosselin “Paparazzi” Paso Doble [VIDEO]

Ok, this is just getting mean: On NBC’s Late Night Tuesday, host Jimmy Fallon dusted off his best blonde wig and turned in a parody of Kate Gosselin’s critically-panned paso doble. Earlier this week, the mother of eight and pro partner Tony Dovolani did a startling-bad two step to Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi,” a song that…

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