Kat Von D “LA Ink” Cancelled

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Kate Gosselin and her great eight aren’t the only ones being booted from TLC’s airwaves. Another show is also getting the axe from the network — Kat Von D’s LA INK will air its final broadcast on Sept. 15.

Kat Von D Posts Facebook ‘Manifesto’

Kat Von D

It’s not exactly on-par with the 1500-page screed written by that crazy Norwegian guy who blew stuff up and shot a whole lot of innocent people last week, but it’s the best she could do on short notice. Kat Von D wrote a lengthy note on Facebook to address some of the unfortunate press she’s…

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Jesse James and Kat Von D Break Up

Jesse James, Kat Von D

Jesse James says he and heavily-tatted reality star Kat Von D have called off their engagement and gone their separate ways. 

”I’m so sad because I really love her. The distance between us was just too much,” James told People. By “distance” he means between his home in Austin, Texas and hers in Los Angeles,…

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