French Law Threatens Kim and Kanye’s Paris Wedding


It could be back to the drawing board on Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s plans for an early summer wedding in Paris. The celebrity twosome known as Kimye will reportedly tie the knot on May 24. In all the excitement of selecting the china patterns and floral arrangements that bridal magazines are always yammering about,…

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Reports: Kim and Kanye Wedding Date Set for May 24 in Paris

Clear your social calendar and dust off your best couture: Kim and Kanye have set a date for their wedding! The Hollywood twosome known as Kimye has remained unusually tight-lipped about the pending nuptials; of course, that hasn’t stopped those in-the-know from spilling the deets. We hear the celebrity uber-couple will take a walk down…

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Kanye West, Racist Teen Reach Cash Settlement

‘Memba the time Kanye West stormed into a chiropractor’s office and punched a foul-mouthed teenager for calling Kim Kardashian a n**ger lover? Well, turns out the rapper’s paying handsomely to make everyone forget about it.