Awkward: Justin Bieber Posts Nude Belieber Cartoon

Justin Bieber Cartoon

Justin Bieber uploaded an animated image of himself naked in bed with a Belieber onto his Instagram earlier this week. Probably not a smart move, considering he was only just taken to task for proposing that Holocaust victim Anne Frank could have been one of his devoted Beliebers. The image was created by Spanish student…

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Justin Bieber wishes late Anne Frank would have been a “belieber”


Yes…..sadly you read that correctly. Canadian superstar, Justin Bieber, doesn’t seem to be making many friends these days. Justin, who until the last few months has been safe-guarded by his close-knit circle of support, has made some interesting choices lately. Just two weeks ago Justin was reportedly speeding through his California neighborhood and was involved…

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Justin Bieber Isn’t King of Twitter After All

Nearly half of Justin Bieber’s Twitter followers are as phony as a three dollar bill, at least that’s what a recent study from social media experts Socialbakers has revealed.