Justin Bieber Hoisted Up Great Wall of China by Bodyguards

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If you thought that being Justin Bieber’s mom, girlfriend or neighbor was difficult, try being his bodyguard! After a new photo surfaced on Instagram of Justin being carried up the Great Wall of China, it appears it’s the pop star’s security detail that may need our sympathy.

Could Justin Bieber be playing Robin in the next Batman Movie?


Oh my…… After the initial backlash of Ben Affleck being cast as Batman what will be the fan reaction to a photo of Justin holding a copy of the script for the upcoming film, Batman vs. Superman. The Biebs shared a photo via Instagram with the hastag Robin?.

Justin Bieber Documentary Shopped to Buyers

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In news that should leave card-carrying Beliebers elated, a new Justin Bieber documentary — called Believe — will be presented to buyers during this year’s Toronto International Film Festival. Directed by Jon Chu, the film promises to offer another glimpse into the Biebs’ rise to pop superstardom — with some concert footage tossed in for…

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Justin Bieber Slapped with Another Paternity Suit

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Oh brother — this just isn’t Justin Bieber’s year. Is it? A Florida woman is claiming the pop star fathered her daughter after the pair had a one-night stand after a concert in February 2010.