Justin Bieber chased down by former NFL star Keyshawn Johnson


Looks like the Biebs has annoyed YET another neighbor. Just a few months ago neighbors complained that Justin Bieber was driving a high speeds through his Calabasas, California neighborhood. Now, reports are exploding that Justin was once again driving at excessive speeds, while children were playing nearby when former NFL wide receiver, Keyshawn Johnson, chased…

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Bon Jovi Reads Bieber The Riot Act

Bon Jovi vs. Bieber

Add Jon Bon Jovi to the growing list of folks with a bone to pick with Justin Bieber. Just days after the teen pop sensation was booed at the Billboard Music Awards, he’s been labeled an “a**hole” by Bon Jovi.

Justin Bieber shows a “cuddle” prone Selena?


Does this confirm that Justin and Selena are back together? After news broke this morning that Justin’s bus was raided in Sweden…looks like he’s spending the night with his on-again-off-again girlfriend, Selena Gomez. With a photo that sent his Instagram followers into heart-attacks, Justin posted this photo with he and Selena, and awkwardly the person…

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