Justin Bieber: @nbcsnl well played. Lol.

Saturday Night Live took great humor at Justin Bieber and his new Calvin Klein ads where basically he stuffs a sock in his pants. We covered it here. The best part is Justin Bieber took notice, and shamed himself on Twitter. @nbcsnl well played. Lol. — Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) January 18, 2015 Seriously though he…

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Surprise! Surprise! Justin Beiber’s Calvin Klein Ads are Photoshopped


Yesterday Justin Beiber revealed his new Calvin Klein mens underwear ads. And although his body looks pretty impressive, we find out this morning that these photos have been photoshopped. Surprise Surprise. An untouched photo of the Biebes was obtained by BreathHeavy.com, and it appears to show the extent of the digital alterations. If you look…

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Meghan Trainor Sings Justin Bieber’s ‘Mistletoe’ Song


Now that Thanksgiving is over, we can all give our full attention to Christmas! The lights, the winter weather, the presents, and the songs. Justin Bieber released his Christmas album Under The Mistletoe, 2 years ago where we were all introduced to Mistletoe, which has now been viewed on Youtube 189 million+ times. Getting in…

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Justin Bieber Forks Over 80k For His Egging Incident


Here is a little update about the whole Justin Bieber Egging Angry Neighbor’s House Incident: Back in January, it was reported that Justin Bieber vandalized his neighbor’s house by throwing eggs at it. In July he was charged with misdemeanor vandalism and pleaded no contest to the charge and was slapped with two years of…

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