Jett Travolta Cremated


John Travolta and Kelly Preston will have the body of their late son cremated in the Bahamas, according to Radar Online. Sixteen-year-old Jett Travolta passed away after suffering a fatal seizure during the family’s holiday island getaway last Friday morning.

Seizure Killed Jett Travolta


Jett Travolta’s death certificate says he was killed by a “seizure,” according to Glen Campbell, assistant director of the Bahamian funeral home handling the remains of John Travolta and Kelly Preston’s 16-year-old son.

John Travolta Bald


First cross-dressing in Hairspray and now this. John Travolta needs to put his lacefront wig back on right away. The 54-year-old former hottie has gone bald for his role in the upcoming film From Paris With Love, which also stars Jonathan Rhys-Meyers.

John Travolta Hair Photoshopped For Breitling Watches Ad Campaign

Time has fallen taken it’s toll on John Travolta. The 70s sex symbol has given up on lacefront wigs and sought the assistance of Photoshop in his battle against a rapidly receding hairline. Star Magazine claims John, who is now 54, had thick mountains of wavy hair Photoshopped onto his scalp before he would approve…

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John Travolta Loves Everyone


Looks like John Travolta loves to suck on the lips of both women, and more interestingly, men. A recent picture shows him locking lips with a man who looks to be boarding one of Travolta’s private jets. How interesting… I, personally, don’t mind if John is bisexual or gay, but I think he just broke…

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