Ed Harris As John McCain In HBO “Game Change”

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How’s that for uncanny? Entertainment Weekly has gotten its Hot Little Hands on an exclusive photo of actor Ed Harris in character as Arizona senator John McCain for Game Change, an HBO made-for-TV movie currently in production.

Cindy McCain Cheating Scandal (Cindy McCain Kissing Man Photo)


Cindy McCain Affair – Photo Kissing Another Man The National Enquirer has sparked speculation that Cindy McCain, the woman who almost became America’s new First Lady, has been having an affair and cheating on her husband of more than two decades, Arizona senator John McCain.

John McCain Concedes Speech Video


Always a gentlemen, Senator John McCain conceded the 2008 election and congratulated President-Elect Barack Obama on becoming the 44th president of the United States of America in a speech from Arizona late Tuesday.

John McCain “Saturday Night Live” Ratings 12 Million Viewers


Senator McCain is no Sarah Palin when it comes to attracting viewers. The Republican presidential candidate’s appearance on Saturday Night Live this weekend drew 12 million viewers in comparision to Palin’s October 18 SNL guest spot, which was watched by more than 15 million and set a ratings record for the show’s most viewers since…

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John McCain SNL Skits Video

John McCain on Saturday Night Live – November 1st In this SNL skit, John McCain (played by McCain) and Sarah Palin (played by Tina Fey) address the nation on QVC. Given the big deal everyone has been making about Palin’s expensive wardrobe, this one is pretty funny.

John McCain “Saturday Night Live” November 1


This Saturday, November 1, Republican presidential candidate John McCain will reportedly make his second appearance of the year on NBC’s Saturday Night Live. “It’s really his last chance to appeal to younger voters,” a McCain insider told MSNBC late Thursday. “But until he actually walks on that stage, there’s not going to be an official…

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Daniel Craig: “Barack Obama Would Make A Better ‘James Bond'”


Which presidential candidate would make a better Bond, John McCain or Barack Obama? “Obama would be the better Bond because — if he’s true to his word — he’d be willing to quite literally look the enemy in the eye and go toe-to-toe with them,” Agent 007 actor Daniel Craig tells Parade Magazine. “McCain, because…

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John McCain “Cunt” Video

Did John McCain just say “cunt” on live television? It sounds like the GOP’s contender for president dropped the “C-Bomb” during a rally in New Hampshire on Wednesday.

John McCain T-Shirt Sparks Joy Behar Elisabeth Hasselbeck Fight

Michelle Obama The View

Joy Behar nearly wrung Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s neck backstage at The View on Wednesday. Onsite spywitnesses say all Hell broke loose once the outspoken co-hostesses were face-to-face following their on-screen confrontation over that controversial pro-John McCain T-shirt Elisabeth rocked on Tuesday’s show. Joy and Elisabeth found themselves embroiled in a heated shouting match that nearly turned…

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John McCain David Letterman Apology October 16


Don’t forget to tune into CBS tonight as Senator John McCain comes crawling back to the Late Show with his tail between his legs for the first time since famously pissing off David Letterman last month.

Hayden Panettiere “Vote For John McCain” Parody FunnyorDie.com

Hayden Panettiere has teamed up with the hilarious folks at FunnyorDie.com to bring us this video “endorsement” for Senator John McCain’s campaign for the White House. After all, “he’s just like George Bush, except older and with a worse temper.”

Diddy John McCain “That One” Video Blog

Diddy is taking on the McCain campaign again. In his latest YouTube vlog, the hip-hop mogul rips into the Republican presidential hopeful for referring to Senator Barack Obama as “that one” during their presidential debate in Nashville on Tuesday.

John McCain: “I Hope David Letterman Forgives Me!”


John McCain hopes David Letterman is in a forgiving sort of mood. The late night comic was left livid after McCain cancelled an appearance on the Late Show in the eleventh hour but still managed to sit down for a lenghty chat with Letterman’s CBS colleague Katie Couric nearly two weeks ago.