John Mayer On “Oprah?” When Pigs Have Wings…..

We’ve heard earlier promises from John Mayer to put a lid on his loose lips, but the firestorm his racially-insensitive, homophobic Playboy interview has ignited may force the Grammy-winning musician to be a bit more mindful of the shit he says when he’s stoned. Unfortunately, Mayer’s damage control campaign will have to roll on without…

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John Mayer, Porn Writer

After his infamously loose-lips opened the floodgates of Hell last week, its very likely that John Mayer — AKA “The Mouth That Roared” — won’t be able to pay some music lovers to listen to him strum another note on his acoustic guitar. Luckily for Douchey McDuh!, the porn purveyors at Vivid Entertainment — the…

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GLAAD Demands Apology For John Mayer Gay Slur In Interview With Playboy

GLAAD, The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, is asking embattled crooner John Mayer to apologize for using an anti-gay slur (You know the one I mean…..) in his controversial interview with the March issue of Playboy. Have we learned nothing from the cautionary tale that is Isaiah Washington?

“The View” Tackles John Mayer Controversy

John Mayer may be “quitting media” after his use of the N word in a Playboy interview hit the Net on Wednesday, but the musician hasn’t managed to stop people from talking about the debacle. The ladies of The View had a Field Day — at Mayer’s expense — tackling the tough issue on this…

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