“Six Degrees Of John Mayer’s Penis!”

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Park it, Kevin Bacon: GQ Magazine has put its trusty graphics team to work on a comprehensive chart of John “My Body Is A Wonderland Only For White Girls” Mayer’s alleged conquests for a feature in the magazine’s June issue. From Jennifer Aniston to Jennifer Love-Hewitt, Mayer has made his rounds with various Hollywood ladies.…

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Billy Corgan Slams John Mayer For “Sexual Napalm” Outburst

Billy Corgan has chatised John Mayer for his infamous comment about sex with Jessica Simpson in the February issue of Playboy. Mayer became the subject of public scorn after he referred to the ditzy blonde — who he dated from 2005-2007 — as “sexual napalm” with a sexual appetite as addictive as “crack cocaine.” In…

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Jessica Simpson To John Mayer: “Apology Not Accepted”

In the words of Lisa Lisa: “Apology Not Accepted!” In a buzzed-about interview that aired on The Oprah Winfrey Show on Wednesday, Jessica Simpson told The Queen of Talk that she does not accept ex-boyfriend John Mayer’s apology for comparing her catbag to crack rocks in his now infamous tell-all with Playboy Magazine.

John Mayer Tourette’s Syndrome?

John Mayer

Does John Mayer have Tourette’s Syndrome? Doubt it, but it’s always healthy to start the day off with a good laugh. Australian tabloid NW Magazine is reporting that one of the douchiest men in music’s incurable case of Dickheaditis — mixed with a dash of Foot In Mouth — may actually have a legitimate cause.…

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Jessica Simpson Slams John Mayer On “Oprah”

Jessica Simpson hates that people know what she’s like in bed — thanks to John Mayer. The singer-and-actress was extremely unhappy with ex-boyfriend John Mayer over a controversial interview in which he described her as “sexual napalm.” Last month, John caused controversy when he gave an interview to Playboy Magazine describing Jessica – who he…

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