Jim Carrey’s Lincoln Commercial & His Other Funny SNL Skits

jim carrey lincoln commercial

We’ve all seen¬†Matthew McConaughey’s weirdly uncomfortable Lincoln car commercial and at some point we’ve all had a good laugh. Now, thanks to SNL and Jim Carrey¬†you can be entertained yet again by this hilarious car commercial spoof. McConaughey had to see something like this coming. Carrey hosted SNL foir the third time Saturday night and…

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Jim Carrey, The Eels Team Up for Anti-Gun Song “Cold Dead Hand”

Cold Dead Hand with Jim Carrey from Jim Carrey Well, hello there, Lonesome Earl. Safe to say we know where Jim Carrey stands on the issue of gun control in America. The actor-comedian has teamed up with The Eels and the team at Funny or Die for a satirical anti-gun song called “Cold Dead Hand.”