Before They Were Famous: Jerry Seinfeld Stand-Up Act 1977

Jerry Seinfeld’s been an authority on “shows about nothing” since the Gerald Ford administration! Here’s a clip of the sitcom icon doing stand-up comedy in The Big Apple way back in 1977. The guest spot on Richard Kelly’s Celebrity Cabaret was Seinfeld’s first-ever live comedy appearance.

Donald Trump Jerry Seinfeld Spar Over Benefit Snub

Donald Trump vs. Jerry Seinfeld

Shots fired! Comedian Jerry Seinfeld has joined Whoopi Goldberg and Bill Cosby on the growing list of celebrities who wish Donald Trump and the Onion Loaf sitting atop his head would just shut up about the Obama birther scandal. Seinfeld has incited the wrath of the tough-talkin’ business magnate after he pulled out of a…

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