Lynne Spears Palin Pregnancy Scandal “Celebrated”

Lynne Spears is upset that she was branded an unfit mother when her teen daughter, Jamie Lynn Spears, received a visit from the stork at just sixteen, while the world embraces Governor Sarah Palin and her pregnant teen trollop, Bristol.

Lynne Spears “The TODAY Show” Video (September 17)

Showbiz mama Lynne Spears discussed raising her famous daughters, Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears, with TODAY’s Meredith Vieira on Wednesday. Lynne has hit the publicity track to promote the release of her memoir, Through The Storm, now available wherever books are sold.

No Bristol Palin Baby Gift From Lynne Spears Jamie Lynn Spears

Lynne Spears has issued a statement denying reports that she and daughter Jamie Lynn Spears sent a package of baby paraphernalia to knocked up political daughter Bristol Palin. “I just got off the phone with Lynne. I can tell you that she hasn’t sent her any gifts, but that she does support Sarah and, of…

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Jamie Lynn Spears Bristol Palin Baby Gift

After giving birth to daughter Maddie in June, seventeen-year-old new mom Jamie Lynn Spears is devoting herself to helping another high-profile teen tramp weather a media beating. Pregnant potential Vice Presidential daughter Bristol Palin recently received a baby gift courtesy of Jamie Lynn.

Second Jamie Lynn Spears Pregnancy Plans

Jamie Lynn Spears is so head over hills about her new baby, she wants another! Psst. You didn’t hear this from us, but rumor has it that Jamie Lynn Spears wants to get pregnant again. The seventeen year-old, who delivered daughter Maddie Briann on June 19th, is enjoying motherhood so much that she already wants…

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Jamie Lynn Spears Maddie Briann Picture OK! Magazine Video

The editor of OK! Magazine showcased the world’s first photo of Jamie Lynn Spears’ baby girl, Maddie Briann Aldridge, on The Today Show Wednesday. The celebrity weekly reportedly paid the Spears family $1 million for exclusive rights to the tot’s first picture.

Lynne Spears Jamie Lynn Spears Battle Maddie Briann Pictures Deal

New mother Jamie Lynn Spears is livid her stage mom has masterminded the sale of interviews and photos of the teen’s newborn baby girl, Maddie Briann Aldridge. Lynne Spears has ironed out multimillion-dollar deals for Maddie Briann’s first closeup to multiple celebrity mags, including one that will serve the Spears clan with a $1 million…

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Hollywood Mothers, Jamie Lynn Spears Inspired Massachusetts Teen Pregnancy Pact

Surely by now you’ve heard about the so-called “Massachusetts Teen Pregnancy Pact.” Everyone’s been talking about the seventeen Gloucester High School students who “vowed” to become pregnant and raise their babies together. “We found out one of the fathers is a 24-year-old homeless guy,” the school principal told Time Magazine, shaking his head. Jamie Lynn…

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Casey Aldridge Jamie Lynn Spears Married Commitment Ceremony

Are Casey Aldridge and Jamie Lynn Spears secretly married? Jamie, seventeen, and her nineteen year old fiance Casey welcomed a healthy baby girl, named Maddie Briann, in a Macomb, Mississippi hospital on Thursday. The National Enquirer claims the young parents are also newlyweds, after entering into a “spiritual union” during a commitment ceremony at their…

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Jamie Lynn Spears Baby Born June 19th: Jamie Lynn Spears Gives Birth

Jamie Lynn Spears will give birth to a baby girl by cesarean section later today, celebrity insiders for The National Enquirer report. Jamie Lynn’s daughter will be delivered via C-section Thursday because doctors believe the baby is in the breach position, which could lead to serious complications if Jamie Lynn goes into natural childbirth.

Casey Aldridge Jamie Lynn Spears Wedding Off

Romeo and Juliet have had a parting of the ways. After months of furious bickering Jamie Lynn Spears has reportedly pulled the plug on plans to wed “baby dad” Casey Aldridge. “Jamie Lynn and Casey have been fighting non-stop about everything, from what to name the baby to what to eat for dinner,” a source…

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