#MakeJamesDo: #BreakTheInternet Round 2 With James Franco


James Franco has teamed up with Paper Magazine for #BreakTheInternet round 2, #MakeJamesDo– just to warn you, things got a little weird. James Franco took part in a web chat where he lets his fans dictate the crazy things he will do. For instance, he wears a tutu, sings in Marylin Monroe style, has a…

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Why Did James Franco Instagram a “Nude” Selfie?

Instagram put Rihanna on the hot seat this week after the striking songstress posted what the photo-sharing website called “topless images” to her official page. Not to be outdone, another celebrity is now pushing the boundaries of decency on social media. So much for setting a positive example for America’s youth! This time, the A-list…

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James Franco and “The Lucy Clode Affair”

Confirmed: The creepy Instagram chat James Franco had with a 17-year-old was not a publicity stunt for his upcoming film Palo Alto — in which the star plays a high school soccer coach who strikes up a romantic relationship with a teenage student. James apparently took “method acting” a wee bit too far when he…

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James Franco Dating Pretty Little Liars Star Ashley Benson

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Oscar-nominee and Royal DB, James Franco, has a new flame. The star has hooked up with the 22-year old, Ashley Benson, who currently appears on ABCFamily’s Pretty Little Liars. The pair, along with Vanessa Hudgens also appeared in the upcoming film, Spring Breakers. The film also costars former Disney star, Selena Gomez.

James Franco Conducting Seance To Contact Tennessee Williams

Doing anything Nov. 13? If you don’t have plans and happen to find yourself sleepless in the City That Never Sleeps, you’re invited to join James Franco for a night filled with Quija boards and conjuring up Tennessee Williams. And you thought his Oscars gig was a cry for help…

James Franco Mourns Dad

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Studious screen star James Franco is coping with a serious case of “The Sads…” Doug Franco, the businessman father of the Hollywood actor died this week. He was 63.

Listen To James Franco & Kalup Linzy “Turn It Up” Song

James Franco — who in the news this week for opening up to Playboy about his disastrous hosting gig at this year’s Oscars — has teamed up with drag vocal artist Kalup Linzy for his spankin-new dance song “Turn It Up.” Rock It or Drop It? Kalup Linzy feat. James Franco – Turn It Up…

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Watch James Franco’s Trippy Music VIDEO For “Rising”

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So, James Franco is totally not a stoner. Uh-huh. The actor/artist/musician/filmmaker/all-round-creative guy has released his first music video with the help of drag performance artist Kalup Linzy. And yeah, it’s as whacked out as we expected. We think this must be art. Or something. Ok, we’re confused.

James Franco Twitter Deleted

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Twitter just isn’t for everyone; and it’s no longer a lifeline to the world for Hollywood Renaissance Man James Franco.

James Franco NYU Professor

Is there anything James Franco can’t do? (Besides, of course, pull off hosting the Oscars…) Less than a year after earning a postgraduate degree from New York University, the studious screen star is returning to the prestigious Manhattan institution — this time as a professor. Talk about a coed’s ultimate incentive to get up three…

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James Franco Lindsay Lohan Nude Coffee Table Photo Book

Lindsay Lohan Naked Photo Book

James Franco’s still sulking after tanking as co-host of Sunday night’s universally-panned Academy Awards, but we don’t expect to see the studious stud down in the dumps for long. Nothing gets a guy chipper faster than getting naked with a beautiful woman. Even if her name is Lindsay Lohan!

How Did James Franco Anne Hathaway Do As Oscar Hosts?

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Did Anne Hathaway & James Franco bomb hosting Sunday’s Oscars? Whoopi Goldberg sure thinks so! On The View Monday, the four-time Academy Award host gave her critique of newbie hosts James Franco and Anne Hathaway — aka “The Academy’s attempt at staying young and current…” — who have gotten some harsh reviews from critics over…

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James Franco Anne Hathaway Promise No Gervais-Style Shenanigans At Oscars

In their first Question & Answer session ahead of this Sunday’s 2011 Academy Awards, emcees James Franco (also a Best Actor nominee for 127 Hours) and Anne Hathaway tell the upcoming issue of The Hollywood Reporter Magazine, on newsstands Thursday, that there will be no uncomfortable moments like the ones that dominated last month’s Golden…

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