Why Did James Franco Instagram a “Nude” Selfie?

Instagram put Rihanna on the hot seat this week after the striking songstress posted what the photo-sharing website called “topless images” to her official page. Not to be outdone, another celebrity is now pushing the boundaries of decency on social media. So much for setting a positive example for America’s youth! This time, the A-list…

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James Franco and “The Lucy Clode Affair”

Confirmed: The creepy Instagram chat James Franco had with a 17-year-old was not a publicity stunt for his upcoming film Palo Alto — in which the star plays a high school soccer coach who strikes up a romantic relationship with a teenage student. James apparently took “method acting” a wee bit too far when he…

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James Franco Dating Pretty Little Liars Star Ashley Benson


Oscar-nominee and Royal DB, James Franco, has a new flame. The star has hooked up with the 22-year old, Ashley Benson, who currently appears on ABCFamily’s Pretty Little Liars. The pair, along with Vanessa Hudgens also appeared in the upcoming film, Spring Breakers. The film also costars former Disney star, Selena Gomez.