#MakeJamesDo: #BreakTheInternet Round 2 With James Franco


James Franco has teamed up with Paper Magazine for #BreakTheInternet round 2, #MakeJamesDo– just to warn you, things got a little weird. James Franco took part in a web chat where he lets his fans dictate the crazy things he will do. For instance, he wears a tutu, sings in Marylin Monroe style, has a…

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Why Did James Franco Instagram a “Nude” Selfie?

Instagram put Rihanna on the hot seat this week after the striking songstress posted what the photo-sharing website called “topless images” to her official page. Not to be outdone, another celebrity is now pushing the boundaries of decency on social media. So much for setting a positive example for America’s youth! This time, the A-list…

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James Franco and “The Lucy Clode Affair”

Confirmed: The creepy Instagram chat James Franco had with a 17-year-old was not a publicity stunt for his upcoming film Palo Alto — in which the star plays a high school soccer coach who strikes up a romantic relationship with a teenage student. James apparently took “method acting” a wee bit too far when he…

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