Jaden Smith Highest-Paid Child Star In Hollywood

Jaden Smith Bankable Hollywood Child Star

Will and Jada’s boy is the most bankable kid in Tinseltown. He’s not old enough to drive and he’s so pint-sized, we doubt he can even reach the pedals, but at the ripe old age of 12, Jaden Smith has become the highest-paid child star in Hollywood, raking in an estimated $3 million from his…

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Will Smith & Jada Pinkett Smith Share Saucy Romance Tips On “Oprah”

It’s TMI Time With Will And Jada! The long-married couple dropped saucy secrets about how they keep the spark alive in their marriage during an appearance on Monday’s Oprah. Let’s just say Jada has lots of X-rated “surprises” up her sleeve (or her skirt) to keep that toothy grin on Will’s face.

Jada Pinkett Smith Sex Advice


AP Photo/Chris Carlson It’s TMI Time with Jada Pinkett Smith! The actress, who is married to Oscar-nominated actor Will Smith, says having sex at a friend’s house can help keep your relationship alive.