#MakeJamesDo: #BreakTheInternet Round 2 With James Franco


James Franco has teamed up with Paper Magazine for #BreakTheInternet round 2, #MakeJamesDo– just to warn you, things got a little weird. James Franco took part in a web chat where he lets his fans dictate the crazy things he will do. For instance, he wears a tutu, sings in Marylin Monroe style, has a…

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Kim Kardashian Shows Off Her Best ASSet On The Cover Of Paper Magazine

kk-cover (1)

There is no way we can avoid the big story of today, about the picture that is suppose to “break the Internet.” Let’s have a little discussion about Kim Kardashian’s butt shall we. Paper magazine released their cover photos of Kim Kardashian and one of them has got the Internet all hot and bothered.┬áIt seems…

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What Is Mystery Google?


An interesting new site piggybacking off of Google has sprung up entitled Mystery Google. The concept is that you don’t get what you search for, you actually see the results from the person who searched just previous to you. And the person after you sees your results. Definitely not for the faint of heart or…

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