Kim Kardashian Shows Off Her Best ASSet On The Cover Of Paper Magazine

kk-cover (1)

There is no way we can avoid the big story of today, about the picture that is suppose to “break the Internet.” Let’s have a little discussion about Kim Kardashian’s butt shall we. Paper magazine released their cover photos of Kim Kardashian and one of them has got the Internet all hot and bothered.┬áIt seems…

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Ellen DeGeneres Interviews #AlexFromTarget


#AlexFromTarget has been the most hashtagged phrase this week and of course Ellen DeGeneres got a hold of the native Texan to ask him what its like being Internet famous. 16 year-old Alex Lee has been working at Target for all of 3 months when a customer snagged a secret picture of the bagger. Alex…

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Ellen DeGeneres Interviews The “Apparently” Kid


Ellen DeGeneres did us all a favor and interviewed the adorable 5 year old Noah Ritter, whos hilarious live news interview went viral a couple of days ago. Check out both interviews below:

A Decade of Internet Celebrities


The Internet is a new place where celebrities are born. PC World tracks a decade’s worth of the biggest Internet celebrities and tells us where they are now. (Link to PC World)