#Feeling Nuts: The New #IceBucketChallenge


Say goodbye to the #icebucketchallenge and hello to #feelingnuts, a testicular cancer awareness campaign. The hashtag trend started in August ┬áby the organization Check One Two and has been gaining momentum due to a few male celebrities grabbing their crotch for a good cause, like Hugh Jackman, Ricky Gervais, Will Arnett, and Nigel Barker. Although…

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Hugh Jackman admits ‘Gay rumors’ are “Frustrating”


Wolverine star, Hugh Jackman, admitted in a recent interview with 60 Minutes Australia that the constant rumors questioning his sexuality are “frustrating.” Hugh says while “on some levels it’s a compliment,” he hates the affect that it has on his wife of 17-years, Deborra-lee Furness. “If I was, I would be,” he said during the…

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Hugh Jackman stalker Arrested


Les Miserables star, Hugh Jackman, can hopefully rest a little easier. A fan, who has been stalking the star, has been arrested. A woman identified as Katherine Thurston, started following the wolverine star while crying and carrying an electric razor.

Hugh Jackman opens up about his childhood abandoment


Everyone’s favorite Aussie, Hugh Jackman, is opening up about his childhood. In a recent interview with Australian Women’s Weekly, Hugh discussed his mother’s role in his childhood. “One of the main things I remember is that horrible feeling that people were talking about you and looking at you because it was odd for the mother…

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