Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris tie the knot

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Well, the ultimate Playboy is once again, a married man. Playboy mogul, Hugh Hefner officially married Crystal Harris last night in a ceremony at the Playboy Mansion. The pair, who called it quits in 2011, just days before the wedding, reportedly worked out all of their issues, when Crystal moved back into the mansion in…

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Hugh Hefner set to marry Crystal Harris on New Year’s Eve


Looks like our favorite Playboy is ready to tie the knot. Hugh Hefner is preparing to marry his girlfriend, Crystal Harris on New Year’s Eve. According to TMZ, the pair, who are planning their second wedding, the pair was previously engaged but called it off over the summer. Sources say that Crystal has moved back…

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Playboy mogul Hugh Hefner stands up for Gay marriage

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Playboy founder and head honcho, Hugh Hefner is speaking out about his thought on gay marriage. In the upcoming issue of Politico magazine, the Hef calls the struggle to legalize gay marriage, “a fight for all of our rights.” “Today, in every instance of sexual rights falling under attack, you’ll find legislation forced into place…

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Hugh Hefner Learns to Plank


Let’s play make-believe for a moment. You’re a beautiful young girl with an 85-year-old boyfriend. You get up one morning and walk into your dining room, and this is what you see: Do you: A) Shriek and call 911? B) Grab your phone, take a photo, and post it to Twitter?

Playmates Say Hef is Just Fine in the Sack


After Crystal Harris went on “Howard Stern” and said she’d only slept with Hugh Hefner once and that he was rather jack-rabbit-like in bed, some of the Playboy lothario’s other beauties are setting the record straight.

Crystal Harris: “Sex With Hef Lasted Like Two Seconds”

Crystal Harris Disses Hugh Hefner

Even Viagra can’t resurrect a fossil…Crystal Harris is the so-called runaway bride who narrowly escaped becoming the world’s third Mrs. Hugh Hefner when she left the Playboy founder holding the bag at their planned wedding last month. Now that she’s down and out of the Playboy Mansion, this bunny is dishing the deets on her…

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Hugh Hefner Dishes about His Golddigging Former Fiancée [VIDEO]

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Hugh Hefner opened up about the demise of his relationship with former fiancée Crystal Harris. “Holly [Madison] suggested that I missed a bullet, and I think it’s probably true. Quite frankly, I don’t know what I was thinking about. I think my natural state is single. I’ve tried marriage…

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Jilted Groom Hugh Hefner Moves On With Miss January

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Don’t cry for Hef! After being left at the altar by his 25-year-old bride-to-be Crystal Harris, Playboy boss Hugh Hefner has hit back at singledom by hooking up with the woman lined up to be his ex’s maid-of-honor: Miss January Anna Sophia Berglund.

Whoops! See Crystal Harris’ Playboy Cover — As “Mrs. Hefner!”

Crystal Harris Covers Playboy Magazine July 2011

Jumped the gun a bit with that July cover, eh Playboy? Hugh Hefner’s Facebook relationship status went from “Engaged Swinger” to “Single Sap” on Tuesday — and the cancellation of the publishing magnate’s Saturday afternoon wedding spells unfortunate timing for his iconic men’s mag: Playboy’s July issue hits newsstands Friday, with “Runaway Bride” Crystal Harris…

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Jay McGraw & Crystal Harris? Is Bride Of Hefner Snuggling Up To Dr. Phil’s Son?

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Poor Old Hugh Hefner. The 84-year-old is set to wed Playboy Playmate Crystal Harris, 24, in a ceremony at his world-famous Los Angeles mansion this June, but the bride-to-be has been busy “making a little time for” (Hint, Nudge, Wink…) a guy young enough to be his grandson. Kids…Always a disappointment.

Justin Bieber Request Invitation To Playboy Mansion

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Justin Bieber, who turns 17 next month, hopes his mature “new haircut” will help him get an exclusive invitation to a place most teenage boys only dream of going. No — we’re not talking about Selena Gomez’s bedroom. We’re talking about the Playboy Mansion! Guess The Hef doesn’t check IDs!

Hugh Hefner Crystal Harris Wedding June 18

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Start checking the mail: You may just be invited to a wedding at the Playboy Mansion. Hugh Hefner has set a date for his forthcoming nups to his 24-year-old fiancee Crystal Harris.

Hugh Hefner Didn’t Mind Ricky Gervais’ Globes Jokes One Bit

Ricky Gervais’ biting comedy routine at Sunday night’s Golden Globes was tasteless enough to make Chelsea Handler blush and could get the sharp-tongued blacklisted as a host on the Hollywood awards circuit, Tinseltown tattles say. But at least one of Ricky’s targets is jumping to the funnyman’s defense. Hugh Hefner’s been copping cradle-snatcher jokes for…

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