Howard Stern Presents Tiger Woods Mistress Beauty Pageant

Matthew Fox Cheating Scandal

Shock jock Howard Stern is on a hunt to name Tiger Woods’ “Hottest Mistress.” The longtime radio host — known for his side-splitting pranks — is organizing the first official Tiger Woods Mistress Beauty Pageant.

Parents Television Council Disturbed By Stern On “Idol” Rumors

Kara and Ellen aren’t the only entertainment notables having a cow over rumors that American Idol producers are courting shock jock Howard Stern as a replacement for British mogul Simon Cowell. The Parents Television Council (PTC) wants some straight talk from FOX about whether or not they intend to put Stern on the judging panel.…

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Artie Lange Predicted Conan’s “Tonight Show” Mess

Artie Lange, the Howard Stern sidekick who recently tried to commit suicide by stabbing himself multiple times, offered an eerie prediction to departing Tonight Show host Conan O’Brien more than a year before his move to the famous show 7 months ago.