The 50 Hottest Women of American Idol


American Idol isn’t quite the cultural juggernaut it once was, especially with 2/3 of the original judging cast now replaced with sort of bizarre choices, but there’s something American Idol is still good for: extremely hot contestants. It’s a time worn strategy to placate guys roped into watching the show by their significant others, and…

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The Ten Hottest Women of American Idol


10. Amy Davis Appeared on: Season 7 Where is she now? The gorgeous Amy Davis worked to launch a music career even after she was eliminated from American Idol. She worked as a model and television host but for the past few years has been out of the spotlight.

The Hottest Women of American Idol: 20 – 11


20. Mikalah Gordon Appeared on: Season 4 Where is she now? Mikalah used her sultry-side to flirt with Simon but that couldn’t save her in the end. Most recently Gordon appeared on the CMT reality series, Gone Country 2.

The 50 Hottest Women of American Idol: 30 – 21


30. Didi Benami Appeared on: Season 9 Where is she now? Didi came to the audition for Idol after her college roommate passed away unexpectedly. Benami made it into the Top 10 and performed on the Summer American Idol tour but has since taken some time off to work on her song-writing.