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Tennis is the best sport for people watching ever. (CoEd Magazine)

The 50 Hottest Women of Sports

collage of 50 hot sports women

Hours of training. Dedication. Toned bodies. Tanned skins. Women and sports make an awesome combo, and PopCrunch wanted to honor this combo by listing the hottest female sports figures from around the world! We’ve broken the top 50 into five pages, each with ten women, and we’ve ranked them according to hotness (you are free…

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The 50 Hottest Women of Sports: 1-10

Bia e Branca swimming

Ok. Now we’re in the top 10 and the sports world has never been more on fire. So who are the top 10 most beautiful women in sports? Read on and find out… 10. Romi Bean Ah, cheerleaders! Romi is one of the 34 members of the Denver Broncos cheerleader team. Wait a minute, did…

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The 50 Hottest Women of Sports: 11-20

Malia Jones surfer

Now we’re down to the top 20 most beautiful women in all of sports. Things are starting to get a lot hot and smoky, if you know what we mean… 20. Amy Taylor Amy was a soccer player with the Australian national team, and she played on the United States professionally as well. Back in…

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The 50 Hottest Women of Sports: 21-30

Ashley Tappin swimming

In this section of the list of 50 hottest women of sports, we move into the bottom half. Starting at 30 and going down to 21, we feature some of most beautiful stars of volleyball, soccer and swimming. 30. Gabrielle Reece Gabrielle took a quite unusual career path. First she became a model, and then…

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