Heidi Montag Fragrance — Heidi Montag Perfume Deal With HSN

How would you like to smell like the women who married Spencer Pratt? So her Heidiwood clothing line didn’t exactly fly off the shelves, but that hasn’t stopped The Hill’s Heidi Montag from streamrolling ahead with plans to hawk her own signature fragrance in cooperation with the Home Shopping Network. On a more positive note,…

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Heidi Montag Clothing Line “Heidiwood” Dropped By Anchor Blue

It’s official–Heidi Montag’s fashion line has taken its final walk down the runway. Anchor Blue, which has carried the Heidiwood collection since its release, has confirmed that they will not be renewing the Hills starlet’s one-year contract with the fashion firm.

Heidi Montag Christian Album

The jury’s still out on whether on not Heidi Montag will ever make big in the pop music industry or….well…..anything, really, but that hasn’t stopped the star of MTV’s The Hills from pursuing her dream of recording a “Christian album.”