Heidi Montag headlining strip club for $25K

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Even though we vowed we would never mention Heidi Montag on this site again…..we must report the news! The former realty television star will be headlining at the Crazy Horse III strip club in Vegas on October 19. The Gentleman’s club will be celebrating it’s third anniversary and is calling in the big guns!

Heidi Montag’s Writing a Book

Ever wonder how Heidi Montag made the transformation from fresh-faced blonde from Colorado Horse Country to one of the most-hated women ever to grace the small screen? Yeah — neither have we.

Anderson Cooper Throws Down on Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt [VIDEO]


CNN’s silver fox may not be ready to come out of the closet yet, but that doesn’t mean he won’t brandish the bitchy. Such was the case when Anderson Cooper’s tart tongue put the smackdown on perennial famewhores Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt last week. Adding the couple to his “AC360″ RidicuList, he started out…

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VH1’s ‘Famous Food’ Serves Up a Menu of Drama and D-List Celebs


Because we simply don’t have enough shows depicting pseudo-celebrities making asses of themselves, VH1 has stepped in to help. “Famous Food,” which premieres this Sunday, follows seven people you may or may not have heard of as they work together to open a restaurant on Hollywood’s famed Sunset Strip. One of those “celebrities” will then…

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Bravo’s Andy Cohen Slams Heidi Montag

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As Bravo’s President of Original Programming, Andy Cohen has worked with some of the sauciest Real Housewives on the tube. But even he never thought he’d be facing off against one of reality TV’s most-hated women.

Heidi Montag “Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills” Deal On The Table?!

Hold on to your hats, Reality Stans: Hurricane Heidi’s blowing her way back to the tube. The nipped/tucked Barbie Doll and her fame-hungry hubby Spencer Pratt are desperate to join the next season of Bravo’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and have scheduled a meeting with the producers of the popular docu-soap, we hear.

Heidi Montag Plastic Surgery Leaves Reality Star Bald & Disfigured: “I Feel Like Edward Scissorhands!”

Evolution of Heidi Montag's Face

Heidi Montag’s cash-strapped and crying…again. The self-confessed surgery-addict says going under the knife has ruined her life — in fact, she hates being labeled a “plastic girl” almost as much as we hate talking about her. Almost… The attention-seeking reality “star” copped a lot of press this year for inflicting 10 cosmetic procedures on her…

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Spencer Pratt Heidi Montag Renew Vows; Offered Porn Directing Deal

Speidi Porn Directors

In one of the least-anticipated entertainment events of the year, reality stars Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt renewed their vows in a sunset ceremony on a Southern California beach over the weekend. And as a unorthodox third wedding gift, the couple got one more shot at recovering their lost multimillion-dollar fortune, courtesy of the world’s…

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Speidi Renewing Wedding Vows

They’re back! Down and Out in Beverly Hills, Terrible Reality Twosome Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag hope to show that love will conquer all — even unemployment and depleted finances — by renewing their wedding vows.

Spencer & Heidi Bankrupt & Homeless

Reunited and it feels like public assistance and government cheese….Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag may be back together again, but that hardly means all is well in the Land of Silicone and Publicity Stunts. In fact, The Terrible Twosome Commonly Known as Speidi say they’re broke, homeless, and depending on the charity of Pratt’s parents…

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Heidi Montag’s Mom Is A Maid

Heidi Montag Mom Maid

Sign of the recession: While surgically-altered reality starlet Heidi Montag is dropping C-Notes on hair extensions and fine-tuning her funbags under the umbrella of the California sun, a world away in Colorado, her mother struggles to make ends meet as a housekeeper.

Spencer Pratt Heidi Montag Back Together; Divorce Off

Heidi Montag is hoping love will be sweeter the second time around with now formerly-estranged hubby Spencer Pratt. On Wednesday, the ex-Hiller moved to call off her pending divorce from Pratt, mere weeks after the pair famously feuded over a couple sex tapes belonging to Heidi that Spencer decided to hawk.

Spencer Pratt Shelves “Speidi” Sex Tape

So much for Speidi: The Sex Tape! Spencer Pratt must have taken a recent trip to Oz– because it appears the slimeball reality villain has suddenly developed a heart and decided against subjecting the masses to the monstrosity that would be Speidi in XXX.

Karissa Shannon Cops To Sex Tape With Heidi Montag

Playboy Playmate Karissa Shannon claims she did make a sex tape with The Hills’ Heidi Montag, but insists the unpopular reality star’s husband Spencer Pratt did not film it. Shannon accuses Pratt of stealing her camera and the footage. “There is a sex tape of me and Heidi. It’s just me and Heidi, that’s it.…

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