Heather Mills Breaks Shoulder In Skiing Accident

Heather Mills Ski Accident

Heather Mills was hospitalized in Southern Austria Wednesday after she broke her shoulder in a serious skiiing accident, local newspaper Kleine Zeitung reports. Why to steal back the thunder on the heels of Sir Paul’s recent engagement announcement, Heath!

Heather Mills Sued By Former Nanny For Sex Discrimination


A former employee of Heather Mills is suing the acid-tongued humanitarian for sex discrimination. In a court hearing that got underway in London this week, Mills’ ex-banny argues that her former boss forced her staff to say positive things about her to a film crew, made her work long hours without any extra pay, and…

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Heather Mills: “Cross Me And You’ll Get Cancer!”


Anyone who has written lies about Heather Mills should get cancer — at least in her opinion. The former ex-wife of Beatles legend Sir Paul McCartney – easily one of the UK’s most hated women — believes in karma and is convinced people who have given her a hard time in the press will get…

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Heather Mills Loses Leg @ Supermarket


Heather Mills’ artificial leg went flying across the room during a recent trip to the supermarket. The former wife of Sir Paul McCartney- who lost part of her left limb when she was hit by a police motorcycle in 1993 – had to be rescued by two young “heroes” after taking a tumble while picking…

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