Is Billy Ray Cyrus Jealous Of Miley’s Success? “Hannah Montana” Threatening To Blow Whistle On “Hypocrite” Pop

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When Stage Parents Attack: Remember all those public declarations and outbursts Billy Ray Cyrus has been making about the hellraising habits of his out-of-control daughter Miley (perhaps most notably that the success of Disney’s Hannah Montana destroyed his once wholesome clan)? Well, a few Hollywood conspirarcy theorists suspect those rants have more to do with…

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“Hannah Montana” Series Finale Sneak Peek

Miley Cyrus, now 18, is in the middle of her transition from child superstar to divorced repeat rehabber: A pivotal little stage we like to call “The Slut Years.” Still determined to make her mark as a serious Hollywood actress, Cyrus is saying goodbye to the Disney series that made her one of the world’s…

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