Katy Perry Not Dating Benji Madden

In terse entry on her official blog Monday, singing star Katy Perry shot down rumors that she is dating Good Charlotte rocker Benji Madden.

Paris Hilton Redecorates Benji Madden Goth Mansion

Oh dear. Home decor is going to be a problem if Paris Hilton and Benji Madden ever move in together. The odd couple hit a bump in the road recently after the heiress insisted on redecorating Benji’s gothic Glendale, California mansion. “Benji has this fascination with vampires, and has this gothic memorabilia throughout his house,”…

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Good Charlotte Hates Paris Hilton

Benji Madden’s Good Charlotte bandmates have had just about enough of the guitarist’s nauseating relationship with hotel heiress Paris Hilton. Despite her best efforts to fit in with the band’s makeshift family during a recent tour with the musicians, Paris’ pushiness and “public displays of affection with Benji on the Good Charlotte tour bus” has…

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Mischa Barton Paris Hilton Good Charlotte UK Tour

Paris Hilton is none too pleased that DUI-driving actress Mischa Barton has invaded her UK tour with boyfriend Benji Madden’s band Good Charlotte. Mischa, a native of Britain, will join Paris in the gang in the UK in support of her beau Taylor Rocke who plays with LA band Rooney, who is opening for Good…

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