Gary Coleman’s House Still For Sale

Got a few hundred thousand sitting around? The Utah home where tragic child star Gary Coleman took a fatal fall last May remain unsold nearly a year after the actor’s death at age 42.

Gary Coleman Sought Restraining Order Against Ex-Wife Shannon Price

Explosive new documents have surfaced in the battle for Gary Coleman’s estate. According to a newly-released legal filing, Coleman petitioned the court for a restraining order against his ex-wife Shannon Price as recently as Feb. 2010. That’s interesting, considering that Price conveniently claims that she and Gary were only weeks from remarrying when the former…

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Gary Coleman Spent Last Days Living In Squalor; Pics For Sale

Tragic child star Gary Coleman spent his final days living in a “Little Shop of Horrors.” As the war over his estate wages on, a nauseating set of snaps detailing unspeakable squalor in Coleman’s suburban Utah home are being shopped to tabloids. Spywitnesses who have snuck a peek at the images say Gary’s three-story pad…

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