Leann Rimes In Talks With Producers For The X Factor Judge Spot


Crooner Leann Rimes is presently in talks with The X Factor producers to fill one of two judge’s spots following Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger’s departures.   Rimes was recently questioned regarding the potential X Factor position following a meeting with FrematleMedia North America (co-producers of the hit reality show) and offered: “There are a lot…

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Fergie Leaving The Black Eyed Peas: Is Ashanti Her Replacement?

Remember when we told you that Grammy-winning hip-poppers The Black Eyed Peas planned to take a hiatus following the release of their most recent album? Yeah, well according to a new scoop floating around the Interwebs, it’s actually Fergie who’s going on an extended vacation. She’s planning to take an indefinite leave of absence after…

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Fergie Plastic Surgery Makeover $30K

Fergie Plastic Surgery

Meth Face doesn’t fix itself! A few weeks ago Fergie unveiled her new, somewhat tweaked, face at her birthday celebration in Las Vegas. After the gossip that followed, hubby Josh Duhamel leapt to her defense explaining that her changed look was the result of “new lipstick,” not a secret nip/tuck. Not so fast, says Star…

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Fergie For “The X Factor?”

Black Eyed Peas star Fergie is a leading contender for a spot on the judges’ panel of The X Factor — this according to spitfire series producer Simon Cowell.