Fantasia Abortion Bombshell Rocks Lover’s Custody Hearing

Who needs The Young & The Restless when we’ve got the Life & Times of Fantasia’s Vagina? The scandal-scarred former American Idol is once again staring in the eyes of controversy after confessing in open court that she aborted a child conceived with her married former lover during the height of a tabloid furor over…

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Fantasia Overdose Was Suicide Attempt

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Fanny’s OD was no accident. After being hospitalized for an overdose of aspirin and sleep medication in her North Carolina home earlier this month, former American Idol Fantasia Barrino has confessed that she was — in fact — trying to take her own life.

Fantasia Getting Back To Work After Suicide Attempt

Fantasia Promo Tour

Embattled former American Idol Fantasia Barrino — the R&B World’s answer to LeAnn Rimes — is ready to return to the stage just days after being hospitalized in North Carolina for an overdose of aspirin and sleeping pills, the Broadway alum announced on Monday. Ever notice how often celebrity emotional meltdowns seem to coincide with…

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