Ellen DeGeneres loves Katy Perry’s Grammy Look

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Only Ellen DeGeneres can say what we all have been thinking! Check out this photo the talk show host and wife, Portia De Rossi posing with Pop Singer, Katy Perry, at the Grammy Awards.

One Million Moms attack Ellen DeGeneres new JCP ad


These annoying One Million Moms are at it again…. The conservative group, who is part of the American Family Association, is apparently offended by this HORRIBLE ad featuring Ellen and some of Santa’s helpers. Oh yes…this ad is SO offensive that there’s no way I would let my daughters watch it, or my nieces and…

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Ryan Seacrest purchases $49 Million home from Ellen DeGeneres


Looks like Ellen and Portia aren’t going to have to worry about their $49 million Beverly Hills estate much longer. The busiest man in Hollywood, Ryan Seacrest, appears to be taking the property off their hands. Reports are indicating that Ryan pad close to the asking price and that the deal will be finalized this…

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