Elisabeth Hasselbeck Leaving “The View” and Making Move to Fox News


The View will soon be getting a cast facelift: Controversial conservative Elisabeth Hasselbeck is ending her 10 year run on the daytime program after accepting a gig with Fox News. Hasselbeck will chime in on Hot Topics for the final time on Wednesday, making her the third co-host scheduled to depart the longrunning ABC gabfest.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Gets Star Jones Treatment?

Aww snap! Is another mayjah shakeup headed for one of television’s longest-running gabfest? Well, that depends on who’s telling the story. The blogosphere is abuzz with the scoop that the ultra-conservative Elisabeth Hasselbeck is being given “The Star Jones Treatment” by producers of The View. That’s right, guys. Blondie’s reportedly been unceremoniously kicked to the…

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Elisabeth Hasselbeck Lesbian Comments Stir Controversy On Blogosphere

Just call her “Elisabeth Open Mouth & Insert Foot!” Just a month after her conservatism prompted her to make some seemingly sexist remarks about stalking victim Erin Andrews, The View’s Elisabeth Hasselbeck is back in the news after courting controversy over her views on late-in-life lesbianism. Let’s just say the Meredith Baxters of the world…

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