Ed Westwick Leaving “Gossip Girl?”

Is the sun setting on Ed Westwick’s days on Manhattan’s Upper East Side? He’s best known for playing the suave Chuck Bass on the hit show Gossip Girl, but the British actor has hinted that he’s ready to leave the bad-boy millionaire behind. “It’s all about the work, you know; the feeling you get when…

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Ed Westwick “Devastated” By Jessica Szohr’s Cheating Heart


Gossip Girl? More like Sneaky Ho…. Ed Westwick is “devastated” after learning his co-star ex-girlfriend was allegedly sharing her catbag with half of Hollywood while he was busy working. Earlier this month, the Gossip Girl hunk ended his two-year relationship with series star Jessica Szohr following reports that the beauty had been secretly seeing other…

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Ed Westwick Tattoos


Ok….Ed Westwick needs to stop getting tattoos — particularly ones that look like the two hot messes the Gossip Girl star had Etch-A-Sketched on his biceps last weekend. Hey Ed, Big Bird called. He wants his feather back!