Dina Lohan Writing Tell-All Book About Lindsay

Have you heard? The Gossip Gawkers are about to get a sneak peek into the Wild & Crazy Days & Nights of Lindsay Lohan. We hear the actress’ momager, Dina Lohan, is penning a book about her famous daughter’s storied history with substance abuse and addiction to alcohol. Frankly, we’re surprised she’s kept her mouth…

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Liv Tyler’s Mom Trashes Dina Lohan’s Lousy Parenting


Dina Lohan, mother of trainwreck Lindsay and Crypt Keeper-faced Ali, is so busy partying with her kids and being a famewhoring leech and desperately trying to be 25 again that she forgot parenthood is more than just getting laid and donating a little DNA to the cause. Those are not only my own feelings, but…

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Dina Lohan “Dancing With The Stars” Season 13?

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Dina Lohan may be among the cast of hasbeens and neverwases breaking a leg (and an arm…and a hip…and dislocating a shoulder…) when Dancing With The Stars returns to ABC for a 13th season of hoofing on Monday, Sept. 19. Good call?