Demi and Ashton Spotted Out Together — Twice

Demi and Ashton

As they battle divorce rumors amid a cheating scandal, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher have been seen together twice in the past few days and seem to be working on putting their marriage back together.

Demi Moore Visits Divorce Lawyer

Demi Moore Visits Divorce Attorney

Tinseltown’s most noted May-December lovers are reportedly headed full steam ahead on the train to Splitsville. And if you ask Demi Moore, she’ll tell you that Operation: Ditch Ashton is now in effect.

Ashton Kutcher On Split Rumors: “Don’t Believe The Hype…”

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“Don’t Believe the Hype” – It isn’t just the title of a Public Enemy hip-hop classic…it’s embattled actor Ashton Kutcher’s response to the rampant rumors that an addiction to sex has cost him his marriage to wife of six years Demi Moore.