Courtney Love Twitter Defamation Lawsuit Ends With $430K Settlement

Who knew incoherent gibberish could be so costly?! Courtney Love’s babbling verbal annihilation of a designer in a series of Twitter postings that went viral on the Web last year will cost the already cash-strapped star $430,000 after one of the nation’s first Twitter-centered defamation lawsuits. The groundbreaking case examined whether online social media can…

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Courtney Love Naked On Twitter…Again

Courtney Love Nude

Time to step away from the laptop again, Courtney. Rock star Courtney Love, 46, latest cry for attention sees her publishing photos of herself in various states of undress for the masses on Twitter.

Courtney Love Quits Twitter — Again

Courtney Love is leaving Twitter for the second time this year! Now where will we go for our daily does of incoherent psychobabble?! You can’t just take away one of the guiltiest pleasures known to the web without a little notice, Girl! The Hole frontwoman, 46, announced Tuesday that she joining John Mayer, Miley Cyrus,…

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Courtney Love Naked Pics Prompt Head-Scratching On Twitter


Oh Courtney. Just when it looks like you’ve decided to get washed, scrubbed, and thoroughly disinfected. Your inner “cray cray” comes bursting out and flares right back up on us like herpes. Go figure. Love has raised eyebrows on Twitter — again — this time by posting half naked-pictures of herself to the horror of…

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